Scientific discovery arises from the creativity and ingenuity of researchers. Yet external forces can alter scientific careers and introduce research challenges, as highlighted in this month’s newsletter. For example, World War I disrupted development of the first treatment for diabetes, while World War II prompted one of the founders of the neuroscience field to move into the lab. Traditional experiences spark scientific curiosity as well; meditation brought the Dalai Lama into a collaborative neuroscience research project. Learn more about how these events shape our current knowledge and pursuit of science in the stories below.

diabetes testing

An Interrupted Discovery

One researcher knew that insulin could treat diabetes in animals, but his research stopped abruptly before he could develop the treatment for humans. What happened?

Dalai Lama

East Meets West to Explore Neuroscience

What can we learn about neuroscience from a casual chat with Dan Rather, the Dalai Lama, and Eric Kandel?