Lasker/Science Communication Lab Partnership


The Lasker Foundation is proud to partner with the Science Communication Lab and XBio.

The Science Communication Lab (SCL) creates free videos, short films, and feature-length documentaries that explore the nature of science, the process of science, and science identity. Through the Lasker Foundation, the SCL trained and filmed young scientists sharing their research, filmed prominent scientists talking about their work at Lasker headquarters in NYC, and conducted interviews between esteemed journalist Dan Rather and Drs. Jennifer Doudna, Daniel Colón-Ramos, and Paul Nurse. You can find these talks here.

XBio aims to shine a light on the scientific process by revealing the evidence-based reasoning, humanity, and beauty behind the great discoveries in biology. XBio’s audacious goal is to rethink biology education by offering students a more exciting and accurate window into the detective work of science through (free) content that combines storytelling with a presentation of the key evidence behind a breakthrough. XBio is a fiscally sponsored project at the SCL.

Lasker President Claire Pomeroy serves on the Board of Directors of the Science Communication Lab and on the Advisory Committee of XBio.

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