The Lasker Foundation is proud to partner with iBiology in support of the Young Scientist Seminars (YSS), an annual competition that encourages early-career scientists to share their research to the public through storytelling, analogies, and visuals.

The four winners, Maite Ghazaleh Bucher (University of Georgia), Sven Truckenbrodt (Institute of Science and Technology Austria), Katie Murphy (University of California, Davis) and Karina Mondragon-Shem (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine), were selected from a pool of accomplished young scientists from around the world. They attended a science communication workshop led by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at iBiology’s headquarters at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) which culminated in recording the video seminars below on their research.

The 2019 winners’ videos are below.

Maite Ghazaleh Bucher: Health and disease signatures of the coral microbiome

Sven Truckenbrodt: X10 expansion microscopy

Katie Murphy: How corn fights crop stress

Karina Mondragon-Shem: Tick and other arthropod saliva