The Lasker Foundation is proud to partner with iBiology in support of the Share Your Research Series, an annual competition that encourages researchers to communicate science through storytelling, analogies, and visuals.

The eight winners are: Abrar Choudhury (University of California, San Francisco), Alexa Sadier (University of California, Los Angeles), Alyssa Adams (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Amrita Iyer (Baylor College of Medicine), Chrystelle Vilfranc (University of Cincinnati College of Medicine), Luz Milbeth Cumba Garcia (Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences), Mohamed El-Brolosy (Max Planck Institute), and Paige Greenwood (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

They attended an online science communication workshop led by the iBiology staff, and recorded video seminars on their research.

A sample of the 2020 winners’ videos are below.

Paige Greenwood: Maternal Impacts on the Developing Brain and Reading Outcomes

Alyssa Adams: Using Math to Understand and Define Life

Alexa Sadier: Bat Vision Evolution

Abrar Choudhury: Understanding Meningioma Biology