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Please post on your social media platforms a short video or a photo and a brief story about how research benefited you or a loved one, using #ResearchSavedMe. You can also take a picture with the downloadable sign below to create your own message.

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PDK Foundation

PKD Foundation post on Facebook: We are in good company supporting the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation advocating for increased medical research. See our joint sponsorship in USA TODAY. #researchsavedme #endPKD

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Bridge The Gap Syngap Education & Research Foundation 501c3 supports #ResearchSavedMe for #syngap


Colleen Hagan Gabrish holding a sign

Colleen Hagan Gabrish was diagnosed with a dedifferentiated retroperitoneal liposarcoma. Today she is able to say #ResearchSavedMe

woman holding research saved me sign
woman holding research saved me sign
Claire Pomeroy
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To find out how you could get a t-shirt with Mary Lasker’s quote, please email info@laskerfoundation.org