This edition of the newsletter spotlights the role that Lasker Laureates have played in understanding, treating, and altering the public perception of cancer. Cynthia Kenyon shares how following one’s interests can lead to unexpectedly fruitful results. And Max Cooper discusses how research into jawless invertebrates revealed a previously unknown evolutionary pathway for adaptive immunity.

cancer cells

Deciphering Cancer

Over the course of a few decades, cancer emerged from a poorly-understood and often unmentionable condition. Lasker Laureates have led the way in elucidating its causes and forging pathways to treatment.

Cynthia Kenyon

Lasker Lessons in Leadership

Cynthia Kenyon discusses how following an unconventional path can lead to interesting science and happiness in life.


A Tale of Evolution and Adaptive Immunity

In the 2021 APSA-Lasker Lecture, Max Cooper reveals how research into jawless vertebrates uncovered an alternative evolutionary pathway for adaptive immunity.