In Memoriam: Donald Pinkel

MAR. 13, 2022
Donald Pinkel, who was recognized with a 1972 Lasker Award for developing a cure for acute lymphocytic leukemia, has passed away.

In Memoriam: Aaron Beck

NOV. 8, 2021
Aaron Beck, who developed cognitive therapy to treat depression, anxiety, and other disorders, has passed away at 100.

In Memoriam: Purnell W. Choppin

JULY 6, 2021
Purnell W. Choppin, a renowned virologist and a longtime member of the Lasker Board of Directors, has passed away at 91.

In Memoriam: Emil Freireich

FEB. 2, 2021
Emil Freireich, who was recognized with a 1972 Lasker Award for developing combination chemotherapy as a treatment for childhood leukemia, has passed away at 93.

In Memoriam: Dale Kaiser

JUNE 29, 2020
Pioneering molecular geneticist Dale Kaiser passes away at 92. Kaiser was honored with a 1980 Lasker Basic Medical Research Award.

In Memoriam: Raymond Erikson

MAY 31, 2020
Raymond Erikson, who was honored with a 1982 Lasker Award for insights into oncogenes, has passed away at the age of 84.

In Memoriam: Philip Leder

FEB. 24, 2020
Philip Leder, who was honored with a 1987 Lasker Award for his studies of the genetics of antibody diversity, has passed away at 85.

In Memoriam: Michael Berridge

FEB. 13, 2020
Michael Berridge, whose landmark discoveries concerning the mechanism of cellular signaling earned him a 1989 Lasker Award, has passed away.

In Memoriam: Harry Rubin

FEB. 11, 2020
Harry Rubin, whose explorations of how normal cells become cancer cells transformed cancer research, has died at 93.

In Memoriam: Stanley Cohen

FEB. 7, 2020
Stanley Cohen, whose discovery of the epidermal growth factor receptor was recognized with a 1986 Lasker Award, has died at 97.

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