Classic Lasker PodcastWhat was life like for Lasker Laureates while they were doing their Award-winning work?

Listen in as Award winners share their personal stories. You will hear about starting off in research during a World War, learn how Laureates navigated family and career, and find out how their discoveries, now heralded as groundbreaking, were met by their peers. Whether you’re a history buff, a science enthusiast, or a history of science nerd, this podcast from the archives of the Lasker Foundation is for you.

The Komen Foundation: Sparking a Cultural Change
An interview with Nancy Brinker
“It wasn’t enough to sit at the table,” said Nancy Brinker, the founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, “we wanted to be the table.” Brinker, a 2005 Lasker Laureate, tells the story of how a small startup nonprofit came to lead the effort to increase funding for breast cancer research.