Each year, the Lasker Foundation invites undergraduate, medical, and graduate students to join the team for a summer internship. Working closely with the Foundation staff, interns help prepare our programs, work on videos, and suggest fresh and creative approaches to enhance our initiatives. Throughout the internship, students get a chance to attend lectures, meet eminent scientists, learn about the day-to-day office business of a nonprofit foundation, and expand their professional network.

Our internship program is currently suspended due to the global pandemic. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter to be notified when the program resumes.


Solving the Cholesterol Conundrum

Emily Hoelzli and Angela Troia discuss the discovery of LDL receptors by Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein and the development of statins to lower blood cholesterol by Akira Endo.

Meet Our Interns


Jenny NicolasJenny Nicolas, University of Edinburgh, UK

Jenny graduated with a Masters in Chemistry from University of Edinburgh in 2017 and joined the Lasker Foundation in January 2018. She is helping the Lasker team with communication strategies. Her interests lie at the intersection of sustainable development and global health. She plans to use her chemistry background in sustainability efforts within energy efficiency in buildings and manufacturing.


Alexandra AmbricoAlexandra Ambrico, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Alexandra is a research technician and co-founder of Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. She joined the Lasker Foundatoin in June 2017 to help with social media and other communication tasks. She expanded the Foundation’s social media reach by adding a new platform, Instagram, and has been instrumental in promoting the Lasker 2017 advocacy campaign in support of medical research funding. She will continue working on new projects at the Foundation in 2018.

Margaret VoorheesMargaret Voorhees, Columbia University

Margaret joined the Lasker team in the summer of 2017 and helped launch the Foundation’s advocacy campaign in suport of medical research funding. She coordinated the effort to identify patient organizations and invite them to join the advocacy campaign.

Anjelique SchulferAnjelique Schulfer, New York University School of Medicine

Anjelique joined the Lasker Foundation in November 2016 and created vibrant social media content during her internship spanning the fall of 2016 and the first months of 2017. She helped develop strategies to expand the Foundation’s reach through social media. After her Lasker internship and upon graduating from NYU, Anjelique took a position as a medical writer in the healthcare industry.


Evelyn LitwinoffEvelyn Litwinoff, New York University

Evelyn is a PhD candidate at New York University School of Medicine. Her research focuses on the importance of inflammation in the development of obesity driven diabetes. At the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, Evelyn conducts policy research for strategy meetings, content editing for the foundation’s website and helps with the Lasker newsletter and other communications tasks.

Julia SchlugerJulia Schluger, Columbia University

Julia is currently a student at Columbia University, on the pre-medical track and studying human rights. At the Lasker Foundation, she contributes to expanding the social media pages and conducts research for the newsletter. In addition, Julia is also working on broadening Lasker’s outreach for the annual essay contest.


Michael BurelMichael Burel, New York University

Michael is a PhD candidate at New York University School of Medicine studying stem cell biology. At Lasker, Michael conducted competitive analysis and policy research to inform the Foundation’s short- and long-term strategic goals, and he also helped launch Lasker’s new web presence. Michael plans to enter a career in science communications and outreach after graduation.

Yadeni AbagaroYadeni Abagaro, University of Richmond

Yadeni is a student at the University of Richmond where she double-majors in Health Care Studies and Business Administration, with concentrations in Economics and Management. She contributed to content and design for Lasker publications and helped staff with events such as the Lasker Lessons in Leadership at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and the IRRF initiative conference.

Emily HoelzliEmily Hoelzli, Bard College

Emily first interned at Lasker Foundation during the summer of 2014. After graduating from Bard College in 2015, she returned to Lasker for a second summer. Emily’s favorite project was working with Angela Troia on a video about the discovery of LDL receptors by two Lasker Laureates Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein. She is currently a research technician at Weill Cornell Medical College. Watch video

Summer 2014

Angela TroiaAngela Troia, Suny Binghamton University

Angela is currently a senior at Binghamton University, SUNY, and she intends to apply to medical school in the summer of 2016. At Lasker she worked together with Emily Hoelzli on creating a video about the discovery of LDL receptors by Lasker Laureates Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein and the development of statins to lower blood cholesterol by Akira Endo. Watch video

Summer 2011 and 2012

Doreen AgbohDoreen Agboh, Columbia University

Doreen’s role as an intern was to assist in planning the Lasker Awards, review scientific data, and organize all of the Lasker Foundation’s archival information. She graduated from Columbia University in 2014 and aspires to become a physician. Currently, she is a Research Specialist at the University of Pennsylvania.