The Critical Role of Diagnostic Technologies in Improving Health

Accurate diagnosis is critical to choosing the right therapies to cure disease. Over the years, advances in diagnostic technologies have transformed medicine and led to improved health around the globe. And exciting opportunities are on the horizon for future improvements.

In this newsletter we look back at key milestones in the field of diagnostics, including the pap smear test for detecting cervical cancer and new technologies to identify genetic mutations. We also speak with leading scientists about exciting recent developments and about ways to boost innovation in diagnostics research.

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chromosome image

How Butterfly Nets Helped Joseph Gall Transform Modern Cell Biology

The founder of modern cell biology reveals some of the secrets behind his success.

hand held devises

Advances in Diagnostics: From Antibiotic Resistance to Single Gene Disorders

Image-based rapid detection systems, non-invasive real-time technologies, wearable devices – read about new and exciting advances in diagnostics research.

Yuet Wai Kan

In utero Gene Therapy

Lasker Laureate Yuet Wai Kan discusses major challenges in the development of novel therapies employing stem cells for the treatment of sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

George Papanicolaou

The Inventor of the Pap Test

Follow Lasker Laureate George Papanicolaou’s path from studying music and humanities to developing a diagnostic method for detecting cervical cancer.