In this issue, we explore different perspectives on the global pandemic: Siddhartha Mukherjee writes about how past research advances may inform current approaches to combat Covid-19. Joseph L. Goldstein considers how artwork created during the 1918 influenza may have foreshadowed the current pandemic. Arturo Casadevall reviews the use of convalescent plasma against Covid-19.

And a special supplement to the journal Cell, produced in partnership with the Lasker Foundation, offers broader perspectives on infectious disease research.

sargent spanish flu

The Spanish 1918 Flu and the Current Covid-19 Pandemic

An essay by Lasker Medical Research Award Jury Chair Joseph L. Goldstein discusses the art of remembering and foreshadowing pandemics.

sars image

Before Virus, After Virus: A Reckoning

Siddhartha Mukherjee reflects on the historic contributions that have been made to our understanding of immunology and virology, and considers future directions in medical and basic research brought to the forefront by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Infectious Disease: The Past and the Future

Infectious Disease: The Past and the Future

A special supplement produced in collaboration with the journal Cell includes essays, articles, and timelines on past and future research against infectious disease.

convalescent plasma

2020 Lasker Public Lecture

Listen as Arturo Casadevall reviews the science behind convalescent plasma and antibody-based therapies against Covid-19.

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