In this issue, read about the challenges that scientists overcame during vaccine development. Listen to a new episode of our podcast Classic Lasker, featuring James Darnell. We also invite you to submit a nomination for the 2023 Lasker Awards and view the latest videos from our Ask a Scientist series.

Shots Heard Around the World

Read about Lasker winners who relied on their creativity, persistence, and willingness to take risks to produce their breakthrough vaccines.

Classic Lasker: James Darnell Jr.

Lasker Laureate James Darnell shares the joy of discovery. In his storied career, Darnell broke open two fields in biology—RNA processing and cytokine signaling.

2023 Lasker Awards

Nominations are being accepted for the 2023 Lasker Awards in the categories of Basic Research, Clinical Research, and Special Achievement. Deadline for submitting all materials is February 6, 2023.

Ask a Scientist

What role does serendipity play in science? How can scientists communicate with the public better?  Find out answers from scientists at every career stage—from graduate students to Lasker Laureates.