In this issue we look back at 75 years in advances against infectious disease as a way to fill the void created by the absence of the 2020 Lasker Awards and to put into context current basic and clinical investigations aimed at halting the SARS-Cov-2 virus and treating infected individuals.

And we profile Barbara McClintock, whose pioneering studies made 80 years ago revolutionized genetics, revealed the dynamic nature of the genome, and expanded our understanding about the wonderful ways in which genetic variability occurs in nature.

Child getting vaccine

75 Years of Lasker Awards against Infectious Disease

In a JAMA Viewpoint, Lasker Jury Chair Joseph L. Goldstein reflects upon decades of Awards that honored advances in infectious disease research. These Awards provide context for current research initiatives to develop therapies against Covid-19.

Barbara McClintock

A-“maizing” Insights about Jumping Genes

Barbara McClintock made fundamental genetic discoveries that challenged established concepts. Read about how her “intellectually superb…absolutely beautiful science” eventually became accepted, and how her legacy influences researchers to this day.

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