Catalyst for the National Cancer Act: Mary Lasker

DEC. 15, 2016
From the community: High-School Senior, aspiring scientists and student cancer researcher, Langley Grace Wallace, writes about Mary Lasker's role as a catalyst for the National Cancer Act of 1971 and her impact on the nation's elite scientists.

The Rule of Three for Prizes in Science and the Bold Triptychs of Francis Bacon

NOV. 22, 2016
Scientific awards afford a special opportunity to enlighten the general public on how scientific discoveries arise. Like a Francis Bacon triptych, a prizeworthy scientific discovery has its greatest impact in capturing the public’s imagination when the story of its origin can be traced to its fundamental roots and told in an engaging way

The Hunt for the Huntington’s Gene: A Conversation with Nancy Wexler

NOV. 15, 2016
Nancy Wexler’s journey to find the gene that causes Huntington’s disease began in 1968 when her mother was diagnosed with the condition. It took years of fundraising, collaboration, and conferences, and months spent in the stilt villages of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela collecting samples, to find the answer.

2016 Young Scientist Seminars: Watch the Videos

OCT. 12, 2016
The Young Scientist Seminars is a new video series from iBiology featuring talented PhD students and postdocs giving talks about their research and discoveries. The Lasker Foundation is pleased to partner with iBiology on this initiative.

See the 2016 Lasker Awards

OCT. 6, 2016
Watch the 2016 laureates deliver their acceptance remarks, view comments by Lasker Jury members, and the keynote address by Sean Carroll.

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