Coons, Albert

Albert Coons

Freund, Jules

Jules Freund

Lasker Statue

Robert E. Gross

Dalldorf, Gilbert

Gilbert Dalldorf

Dingle, John

John Holmes Dingle

Pate, Maurice

Maurice Pate


Charles Smith, University of California, Berkeley, Chair of the Jury

Leroy Burney, US Public Health Service ● R. Keith Cannan, National Research Council ● Frank Horsfall, Jr., Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research ● Charles Glen King, The Nutrition Foundation ● Nathan Kline, Rockland State Hospital ● Walsh McDermott, Cornell University Medical College ● Currier McEwen, New York University College of Medicine ● Malcolm Merrill, California State Department of Public Health ● James Overall, American Academy of Pediatrics ● Cornelius Rhoads, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research ● Howard Rusk, New York University Bellevue Medical Center ● Warren Weaver, Rockefeller Foundation ● Robert Wilkins, Boston University School of Medicine