1965 Jury

1965 Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

Left to right: I.S. Ravdin, University Hospital, Philadelphia ● John Talbott, The Journal of the American Medical Association ● Gregory Pincus, The Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology ● Vincent du Vigneaud, Cornell University Medical College ● Michael DeBakey, Baylor University College of Medicine ● Irving Wright, Cornell University Medical College ● Sidney Farber, Harvard Medical School at the Children’s Hospital, Chair of the Jury ● H. Stanley Bennett, Division of Biological Sciences, The University of Chicago ● Heinz Lehmann, Verdun Protestant Hospital ● Edward Dempsey, Washington University School of Medicine ● E.M. Papper, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons ● Champ Lyons, University of Alabama ● Severo Ochoa, New York University School of Medicine

Not pictured: Daniel Blain, American Psychiatric Association ● Howard Rusk, Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ● James Shannon, National Institutes of Health