1978 Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

1978 Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

First Row, left to right: Mathilde Krim, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research ● Dorothy Krieger, Mt. Sinai Medical Center ● Donald S. Frederickson, National Institutes of Health ● Mary Lasker, President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Michael DeBakey, Chair of the Jury, Baylor College of Medicine ● Alice Fordyce, Director, Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Theodore Cooper, Cornell University Medical College ● Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Jr., Director, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury)

Second Row, left to right: Robert Butler, National Institutes of Health ●  Joseph Rall, National Institutes of Health ● Sol Spiegelman, Columbia University ● A. Edward Maumenee, Johns Hopkins Hospital ● Donald Tower, National Institutes of Health ● Robert Levy, National Institutes of Health ● Antonio Gotto, Jr., Baylor College of Medicine

Third Row, left to right: Howard Rusk, Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine ● Richard Krause, National Institutes of Health ● Fred Plum, New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center ● Louis Lasagna, University of Rochester ● Frank Dixon, Scripps Institute ● Vincent DeVita, Jr., National Institutes of Health ● Timothy O’Connor, Argonne National Laboratory

Fourth Row, left to right: Roger Guillemin, The Salk Institute ● Jordan Gutterman, University of Texas Cancer Center ● Hibbard Williams, New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center ● Isadore Rosenfeld, New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center ● Derek Denton, University of Melbourne ● Grant Liddle, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Not pictured: Peter Bourne, Special Asisstant to the President of the United States