Cournand, Andre

André Cournand

Columbia University

For contributions to the physiology of circulation and the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

To André Cournand, a Lasker Award for 1949 is made for his original, constructive, and comprehensive research in the field of human pulmonary physiology, extending over a period of nearly twenty years; for his courageous application of the technique of catheterization of the heart to the study of cardiovascular blood pressures and blood flow; for his investigation, by these techniques, of the dynamics of circulatory failure in traumatic shock in man, and the effects of treatment in this condition; for his brilliant and profoundly significant contributions to the physiology of the pulmonary circulation, and of the dynamics of the heart in both normal and abnormal conditions, with clarification of the aims and effects of treatment; and finally, for the inspiration of his leadership as a scientist, counselor, and teacher to the rising generation of men and women engaged in research in the broad field of cardiovascular physiology and cardiovascular disease.