Ruska, Ernst

Ernst Ruska

Berlin Institute of Technology

James, Hillier

James Hillier

David Sarnoff Research Center (RCA Laboratories)

For the design, construction, development, and perfection of the electron microscope.

The modern electron microscope has extended the range of human vision to objects several hundred times smaller than those which can be seen with the light microscope. It has revealed structure where none could be seen previously and where little was thought to exist.

This remarkably precise scientific instrument, the potential resolving power of which is still to be fully realized, has produced a broad reawakening of interest in the fine structure of biological material and has demonstrated the existence of order in dimensions which previously were invisible.

For their major contribution to the design, construction, development and perfection of the electron microscope which led to the creation of a unique and much used research instrument, this joint award is gratefully presented to Dr. Ernst Ruska and Dr. James Hillier.