Menninger, Karl and William

The Menninger Foundation and Clinic

Menninger Foundation

For a sustained and highly productive attack against mental diseases, leading to better hospitals, better trained staffs, and greatly improved care of the mentally ill.

The Menninger Foundation and Clinic, headed by Drs. Karl (right of picture) and William Menninger (left of picture), has provided a sustained and highly productive attack against mental disease for many years. Inspired by their father, Dr. Charles Frederick Menninger, these brothers have developed an outstanding institution which has served as an example for other mental disease hospitals. Not committed to a single form of psychotherapy, they have utilized the best features of all methods in the care of their patients.

The Menningers have performed a great service in demonstrating the manner by which the majority of patients can be discharged for mental hospitals, and the periods of hospitalization markedly reduced. They have influenced the legislative bodies of many states to increase the funds for the care of mental disease and to use these funds wisely, especially in the procuring of trained personnel for the care of these patients. As a result of their leadership, Topeka has become a center for the training of additional psychiatrists so that more than 100 from widespread areas throughout the world are being trained there at all times. The influence of the Menninger Foundation and Clinic in increasing professional and public interest in the care of the mentally ill cannot be measured, but it is indelibly recorded as a great service to mankind.