Rusk, Howard

Howard A. Rusk

New York University School of Medicine, Office of Defense Mobilization, New York Times

For his pioneering work in the service of the physically disabled and as distinguished rehabilitation mentor to the world.

The restoration of individuals disabled by disease or injury to their maximum functioning has been Dr. Rusk's dedicated purpose. His work has been based on principles of treating the whole man, considering the patient as an individual, and providing continuous treatment from the earliest moment following illness or surgery until the attainment of maximum benefit. His successes in the convalescent and rehabilitation program of the Army Air Force hospitals and in a leading civilian rehabilitation center are deservedly acclaimed.

As Associate Editor of the New York Times, Dr. Rusk has contributed materially to the public's knowledge of progress in the medical sciences and in the administration of health and medical services. As chairman of the Health Resources Advisory Committee of the Office of Defense Mobilization, Dr. Rusk has led in formulating policies for maintaining and strengthening manpower in the health field and in marshaling the medical manpower resources of the nation for the protection and promotion of both military and civilian health.