Slyke, Cjvan

C.J. Van Slyke

National Institutes of Health

For unique contributions in laying the foundation for a national program of medical research and training.

Dr. Cassius J. Van Slyke is in a real sense the father of the research and training grants program of the United States Public Health Service. These programs are launched against the main killers and cripplers of our people: arteriosclerosis, cancer, arthritis, mental illness, neurological and viral diseases, and blindness. He has created and administered these programs, and has kept them responsive to the needs of the scientific community and the people of the nation.

He had demonstrated exceptional ability in utilizing the advice and support of hundreds of scientists and educators who comprise the groups advisory to the grants programs. With extraordinary perception and deep understanding, he has pioneered broad planning for the support of scientific training. We mention especially the senior research fellowships, the fellowship programs that make possible integrated pre-clinical science training, the part-time research fellowships for medical and dental students and the foreign fellowships. In thus expanding the support of research and research facilities, Dr. Van Slyke has won nationwide esteem for his part in these developments which have substantially increased the national research potential.