Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award

Max Cooper and Jacques Miller for their discovery of the two distinct classes of lymphocytes, B and T cells – a monumental achievement that launched the course of modern immunology

Lasker~DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award

Michael Shepard, Dennis Slamon, and Axel Ullrich for their invention of Herceptin, the first monoclonal antibody that blocks a cancer-causing protein, and for its development as a life-saving cancer therapy

Lasker~Bloomberg Public Service Award

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance for providing sustained access to childhood vaccines around the globe, saving millions of lives, and for highlighting the power of immunization to prevent disease

Seurat’s Dots: A Shot Heard ‘Round the Art World

Seurat’s Dots: A Shot Heard ‘Round the Art World

How the color theories of a chemist have ricocheted across centuries of artistic and scientific imagination.

The 2019 Lasker Award videos

Learn about the 2019 Lasker laureates and their work.