Richard Nixon’s War on Cancer – the Other Cancer Moonshot

FEB. 23, 2016
Lasker President Claire Pomeroy talks to BBC Radio 4 about the role Mary Lasker played in mobilizing public support to bring pressure on Congress and President Nixon to support cancer research. Part 1 of a BBC Radio 4 series focused on discussions related to President Obama's Cancer Moonshot.

Gender Equality in Science will Require a Culture Shift

JAN. 1, 2016
We must change a culture of unconscious bias in order to support women in research careers and to achieve the full promise of science and medicine, argues Lasker President Claire Pomeroy in Scientific American.

Measles and the Tragic Seduction of Pseudoscience

FEB. 6, 2015
The MMR vaccine developed by Lasker Laureate Maurice Hilleman was a gift that has saved many millions of lives. Now it is up to us to ensure that all children have access to life-saving science, argues Lasker Foundation President Claire Pomeroy in an editorial on Fox News

Will Support for Biomedical Research be Dead on Arrival?

JAN. 29, 2015
What are we to think when we read that NIH funding for medical research has lost nearly one quarter of its purchasing power in the last decade? Lasker President Claire Pomeroy discusses how loss of funding for medical research affects our ability to cope with crises such as Ebola.

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