What Makes a Piece of Art or Science a Masterpiece?

SEPT 08, 2018
Critics of art and philosophers of science and have long wrestled with the question of what elevates a piece of art or a set of experiments to masterpiece status. Masterpieces of art and science are like hooks that capture our imagination.

The Rule of Three for Prizes in Science and the Bold Triptychs of Francis Bacon

NOV. 22, 2016
Scientific awards afford a special opportunity to enlighten the general public on how scientific discoveries arise. Like a Francis Bacon triptych, a prizeworthy scientific discovery has its greatest impact in capturing the public’s imagination when the story of its origin can be traced to its fundamental roots and told in an engaging way

A Well-Hung Horse: Sired by Knowledge and Imagination

SEPT. 8, 2015
For more than a century, historians of science have been pondering which is more important in the creative process: knowledge or imagination. The most original scientists (and artists) in our day discover newness by blending existing knowledge with imaginative thinking.

Spotting the Next Big Thing in Art and Science

SEPT. 9, 2014
Lasker Jury Chair Joseph Goldstein writes about the essence of creativity making parallels between art and science. He begins by quoting Oscar Wilde, who has famously proclaimed that the most creative individuals are those who have taught their minds to misbehave.

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