In this issue, we talk with three Lasker Laureates. Phillip Sharp tells us how focusing on fundamental science can lead to clinical breakthroughs. Alfred Sommer discusses the power of perseverance in making meaningful change in public health. Evelyn Witkin details her half-century career studying bacterial genetics. Lastly, in the second chapter of her video interview, Nancy Wexler shares her journey to identify the gene that causes Huntington’s disease.

Phillip Sharp

Phillip Sharp: Translating Insights about RNA Splicing into Therapeutics

Sharp’s discoveries revealed how genetic information is processed at the RNA level.

Alfred Sommer

Alfred Sommer: Discovering a Two-Cent Remedy that Saves Children’s Lives

Using a data-driven approach, Alfred Sommer convinced the world of the importance of vitamin A for public health.

Evelyn Witkin

Evelyn Witkin: Pursuing the Mysteries of DNA Damage

Renowned geneticist Evelyn Witkin discusses how enthusiasm, luck, and a little defiance helped shape her career.

Nancy Wexler holding a child

An Interview with Nancy Wexler: Chapter 2

Nancy Wexler details the long journey that led to the discovery of the huntingtin gene (HTT).

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