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April 2023 Newsletter

APR. 18, 2023
Meet awe-inspiring developmental biologist Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, listen to our new episode of our podcast Classic Lasker featuring Oliver Smithies, and catch up with the 2022 Lasker Annual Report.

I Dreamt of Fruit Flies

APR. 18, 2023
Meet Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, the 1991 Lasker Laureate who charted new paths in developmental biology.

Classic Lasker: Oliver Smithies

APR. 18, 2023
Oliver Smithies gene targeting technology revolutionized the study of human health and disease. Listen as this Lasker Laureate tells the story of how he turned his failure into a resounding success that forever changed biomedical research.

March 2023 Newsletter

MAR. 14, 2023
Meet pioneer scientist Rosalyn Yalow and check out the new episode of our podcast Classic Lasker, featuring Willem Kolff. And don't forget that the 2023 Lasker Essay Contest closes on March 31 at 2pm Eastern Time.

Classic Lasker: Willem J. Kolff

MAR 14, 2023
Willem Kolff wanted to save as many people as he could from renal failure. Listen as this Lasker Laureate tells the story of how he developed renal hemodialysis, artificial kidneys, and more.

A “Woman of Firsts” Who Transformed Medical Testing

MAR. 14, 2023
Meet Rosalyn Yalow, the first woman and the first nuclear physicist to win a Lasker Basic Medical Research Award. She developed the technique of radioimmunoassay, one of the most important clinically applied basic research advances of the past 50 years.

February 2023 Newsletter

FEB. 8, 2023
Discover how to compete in the 2023 Lasker Essay. And read about Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein's extraordinary and enduring scientific partnership.

November 2022 Newsletter

NOV. 15, 2022
Read about Lasker-winning research that has improved the health of mothers and their children, listen to our podcast Classic Lasker featuring Robert Edwards, and view the 2022 Lasker Public Lecture with Dennis Lo.

Classic Lasker: Robert G. Edwards

NOV. 15, 2022
Millions of babies have been conceived through IVF, but developing the technology took decades. Robert Edwards guides us through the seminal research.

October 2022 Newsletter

OCT. 26, 2022
Read about Lasker scientists who developed vaccines against infectious diseases, listen to our podcast featuring James Darnell, and view the latest video shorts from our series Ask a Scientist. The Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2023 Lasker Awards.

Shots Heard Around the World

OCT. 26, 2022
Learn about the Lasker Laureates who developed vaccines that benefit billions of people, sparing much of the world's population from a rogue's gallery of illnesses.

Classic Lasker: James Darnell Jr. 

OCT. 26, 2022
Lasker Laureate James Darnell details the discovery of RNA processing—just one of the fields that he broke open during his career. 

September 2022 Newsletter

SEPT. 28, 2022
Announcing the 2022 Lasker Awards in Basic Research, Clinical Research, and Public Service. Meet the winners and read about their accomplishments.

July 2022 Newsletter

July 13, 2022
Congratulations to the six winners of the 2022 Essay Contest, read their essays! Watch more videos from our series Ask a Scientist.

June 2022 Newsletter

June 14, 2022
Read about the Lasker Public Service Awards, listen to our podcast Classic Lasker featuring William Foege, and view short videos from our new series Ask a Scientist.

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