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March 2021 Newsletter

MARCH 9, 2021
Learn about the path scientists took to understanding DNA. Also, follow Paul Nurse’s quest to decipher the molecular changes during the cell cycle.

February 2021 Newsletter

FEB. 18, 2021
The 2021 Essay Contest is open for submissions. And the Lasker Foundation launches a new podcast, Dial an Idol.

November 2020 Newsletter

NOV. 12, 2020
Meet the newest Lasker Clinical Research Scholars, explore the interactions between macrophages and T Cells with Emil Unanue, and learn how to submit a nomination for the 2021 Lasker Awards.

Before Virus, After Virus: A Reckoning

OCT. 14, 2020
Siddhartha Mukherjee reflects on the historic contributions that have been made to our understanding of immunology and virology, and considers future directions in medical and basic research brought to the forefront by the Covid-19 pandemic.

September 2020 Newsletter

SEPT. 25, 2020
In this issue we celebrate 75 years of Lasker Awards recognizing advances against infectious disease. And we profile a geneticist extraordinaire who challenged dogma and changed the way we think about genes.

July 2020 Newsletter

JULY 10, 2020
We highlight past "The Art of Science" essays by Chair of the Lasker Medical Research Jury, Joseph Goldstein. And we invite you to read the winning entries in the 2020 Lasker Essay Contest.

June 2020 Newsletter

JUNE 30, 2020
In this issue, we speak with Leroy Hood and Solomon Snyder. We also feature the final three chapters of our video interview with Nancy Wexler.

An Interview with Nancy Wexler

JUNE 7, 2020
In these three final chapters, Wexler discusses the ethical implications of genetic research, her experience winning the 1993 Lasker Award, and the future of Huntington’s disease research.

May 2020 Newsletter

MAY 5, 2020
In this issue, we speak with James P. Allison and Stanley N. Cohen. We also feature the third and forth chapters of our video interview with Nancy Wexler.

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